She Works for the Kingdom

She is always employed. Her job requires her to live a purpose filled life while allowing God’s light to shine through her and positively impact others.

Living a purpose filled life doesn’t have to be limited to a specific profession or job title. Working for the kingdom of heaven means you are striving to be everything God has called you to be. Whether that is being a good listener or  making people laugh, you are full-time employee and all your gifts and talents are needed and valued to enthusiastically serve others.

Everyone she interacts with throughout her journey needed to be there. By living in her truth and purpose, she will always be a blessing to another person’s journey.

It could be that she teaches someone how to love better, creates a new perspective for someone who may be losing hope, or even inspire someone else to live their truth.

Nothing she has is too small or insignificant. Her glory shines with radiance and her ideas and talents will be praised.

Most importantly, the legacy she leaves behind will be admired because she allows God to lead her.

With Love,


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