From One Queen to Another

  Everything you experience in life as a woman is worth it. Even the moments when you ask yourself "why is this happening to me". The strength and wisdom of a woman is definitely obvious and valued. So, what if another woman hasn't quite found her inner strength or wisdom yet? Should all woman be [...]

What’s the Password?

Everything valuable needs security and requires a password to gain access. While seeking new relationships, it’s important to remember your value, and be sure that you aren’t giving easy access to your heart. Creating boundaries in these new relationships and guarding your heart until enough trust is established helps maintain your emotions without pouring too [...]

She Works for the Kingdom

She is always employed. Her job requires her to live a purpose filled life while allowing God’s light to shine through her and positively impact others. Living a purpose filled life doesn’t have to be limited to a specific profession or job title. Working for the kingdom of heaven means you are striving to be [...]

Soul Food

You know the feeling when your toes wiggle while eating a plate of food because it's so good? Or how about when you fall asleep immediately afterwards, and you wake up not knowing if it's still the same day? I hope by now you imagined what kind of food would give you these same feelings [...]

Now, It’s Your Turn.

Now, It’s Your Turn. Comparison is the thief of joy. If I had to make a list of things I’ve learned this year, this is written as number one, in all caps, bold letters, and underlined repeatedly. God gave you your vision, your testimony, and your dreams for a reason. However, after a few detours [...]

Heart Check

By this time in my life, I should have been close to making six figures, riding in my black 911 (only on special occasions), and going on dinner dates with my boyfriend. In reality, I'm counting the days until I get my college refund check, driving a reliable Chevrolet, and regrettably, the boyfriend part is [...]

Glory Year

From disappointments, heartbreaks, and many closed doors, my trials this past school year have only prepared me to receive my new blessings, relationships, and opportunities. I’m convinced my junior year of college was my chapter to be made stronger and more whole. Of course, I didn’t like the hurt or hardships I experienced, but looking [...]