What’s the Password?

Everything valuable needs security and requires a password to gain access.

While seeking new relationships, it’s important to remember your value, and be sure that you aren’t giving easy access to your heart. Creating boundaries in these new relationships and guarding your heart until enough trust is established helps maintain your emotions without pouring too much of yourself into another person too quickly….and asking God for clarity and discernment will help you gain the wisdom to make the right decisions. 

So, what if we do trust someone enough and give them access to our heart and feelings and they don’t keep those things safe?

It’s one of the worst feelings. Especially, when that person has acted like they were trustworthy enough to access all the love you have to offer.

Although we can’t control peoples actions, we can control how we react to them. It’s challenging to build yourself up again after these tough situations, but as Women’s Appreciation Week continues, it’s important for ladies to remember the crown we wear.

It may tilt, but it never falls.

Don’t be afraid to love again, and hope for a better,  more equally reciprocated love in the future.

In one of my recent YouTube Videos, I shared how I like to refer to myself as a “hidden gem”, meaning God is keeping me hidden until He reveals me to the right person. During my season of singleness, I have learned my worth and how to talk to God first about relationships before I do anything on my own.

If you are in your single season, remember that you are absolute royalty, and the actions of others do not change this fact. Trust the process that God will reveal the person who will truly take care of your heart.

w/ love,



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